When it comes to Shipping freight it has been a daily operation for most organization. As you started to ship freight frequently, every details you start to execute can add up time.  So this can cause details to be easily overlook at and can cause a lot of time and money for most organization



7 Most Common Mistakes when Freight Shipping

  • Getting an Incorrect Address: This is more like self-explanatory. It is important to fill in the correct information as to where the destination of the shipment will be. Even one misspelled address or zip code can causes an error on confusion to the system. So to avoid getting your packages shipped somewhere else then make sure to double check before sending the information.


  • Improper Package: You got to take time in determining in placing a proper package so to avoid problems in shipping it out. No matter how small or big the package is, if it is not done the correct way this can cause a much bigger problem with the delivery. What’s more you can also end up getting the package damaged. Freight shipping company are really careful with this type of situation to avoid any damage claims. Make sure to ask for advice if you are not sure how you what it to be package.


  • Inaccurate Weight Shipment:  People who does not ship packages frequently would somehow give an inaccurate weight result of the package. There are times they would prefer to estimate packages instead just to avoid in going through the hassle in weight it. Shipping companies have their own certified weigh scales thus also causes customers to get charge with an additional re-weigh fee to their bill. So to avoid any unnecessary charges then make sure to give the accurate information.


  • Getting an Inaccurate Freight Class: It is also common knowledge in a freight shipment company that the lower the class, the cheaper the cost will be. So most customers would want to find a way to get there shipment as cheaper as possible. But because of this, most customers are unaware of the consequences. Then they would get charge with the re-classification fee due to an incorrect class. Freight company are keen in classifying the packages which class they are in so the company would get paid also to what accurate shipment they shipping


  • Getting Shipment Services: You need to understand as a shipper the role of a consignee receiving the freight shipment at their end. This are common mistakes on most shippers, since some thinks that consignees don’t need any lift gate at the delivery which ends up they are needing one. At the end, this causes the shipment to be delivered back to the carrier terminal. A redelivery charge will be added on to your bill including a lift gate. You should know where your freight is heading and make sure to assign a proper service so to avoid faulty cost charges on your end.


  • Rely on one carrier: This is a grave mistakes most shippers make. Relying their shipping needs to just one carrier. Since it is ethical to form a trusted relationship between shipper and carrier. Relying everything to just one an cost your shipment big time. In case your carrier is having a downsizing of their facilities or a strike perhaps. This will causes your packages to get delayed big time! It is best to have other carriers contacts to enjoy other competitive rates or offer.


  • Having a Delivery Receipt:  A consignee important role is to have every freight inspected and make sure to get a note of abnormalities before they sign for the delivery receipt. In case there is a damage on the package and it isn’t noted on the delivery receipt. Then shippers and carrier will be able to point out a clean delivery receipt and can claim if there is any damages to the freight received must be taken after delivery. If you doubt it, make sure to take a note on a pending damage inspection