Shipping to and from Vietnam
Simplifying shipping to Vietnam and shipping from Vietnam…

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, expanding 1,000 miles in length North to West and 25 miles wide from East to West at the center of the country.  The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, which located east of Haiphong Port. Vietnam consists of tropical lowlands and forested highlands. Vietnam is primarily known for producing rice and noodles, garments, textiles, seafood, and exotic fruits

THREE MAJOR SEA PORTS: Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City
THREE MAJOR AIRPORTS: Hanoi (HAN), Saigon (SGN) and Da Nang (DAD)


We handle transporting goods to and from Vietnam.  Here are some of the products we ship from and to Vietnam: Rambutan Fruits, Trung Nguyen Coffee, Varmicelli Rice, Jasmine Rice, rice paper, instant noodles, apparel, and exotic automobiles. 


We provide both Ocean and Air transportation.  Our services include Import and Export: AES filing, AMS filing, ISF filing, Custom Clearance (including FDA clearance), offer the option to purchase an annual bond, trucking, loading and warehousing.


With our office in Vietnam and over thirty years of combined experience our company excels in the Logistics industry by providing excellent customer service to all our clients. Our employees are friendly individuals committed to delivering your cargo in a prompt and dependable manner. Also, our team dedicates their time and effort in accommodating each of our customers to their specific requests, which includes speaking in multiple languages such as Vietnamese. With our additional partners in Vietnam we possess the ability to serve a wider range of customers.


Still need more information to import or export from and to Vietnam?  Our company provide free consultation.  Please give us a call or e-mail us today, you will not be disappointed.

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