FBA Prep Services Pricing

Only pay for the prep you need, whether it be a wholesale customer that only needs labelling or more involved bundling and kitting.
Our pricing structure allows you to pick and choose the services you need to keep costs low and increase your bottom line.

Standard Prep (Base Fee – Required):Number of Units
$0.60 /unit1-500
$0.50 /unit501-1000
$0.40 /unit1001-2000
$0.35 /unit2000+

Includes Receiving, 14 Days Free Storage, Initial Inspection, Counting, Carton Labels, Shipping Labels, Dunnage(Packing Supplies), and Delivery to UPS/FedEx/DHL.

Once we completely received your shipment, we allow 3 days of free storage (maxium 14 days for receiving complete shipment)

Additional Services

FNSKU Labelling$0.35 /unitWe will print and attach your ASIN/FNSKU label to each unit including a time study fee rate of $45.00 per hour labor charge.
Polybag$0.15 to $0.45/unitEach unit will be placed into an FBA approved polybag, with choking warning.Depend on bag size.
Label Removal$0.20 /unitAny conflicting labels will be obscured or removed completely.
Product Inserts$0.15 /unit
0.40/unit + $0.35/unit (additional unit)
Instructions, Warranty Info, Policy Info, etc.
Replacement of known damaged product packaging or adding missing product
Expiration Labels$0.20 /unitCreation and application of expiration labels, Polybag required per Amazon guidelines.
Bundling$0.25 /unitPrice per unit to bundle items together in any configuration. In addition to base prep fee.
Detailed Inspection QUOTEDetailed product inspection or testing, contact us for quote.
RUSH Fee$0.10 /unit (minimum $50.00)Your products will be put to the front of the queue. Subject to availability and approval
Amazon Remove Order$0.50 /unitIncluding general inspection, check the product outer carton in good condition, be restock into inventory, include counting and sorting. Ready to be ship out.
Extra Labels (Suffocation, Made in China, ASIN etc.) $0.20 /label


We will rebox your product when required with stock we have on hand, but also have the capability to provide custom packaging.

Contact us for details.

Small Box

7x7x7 inches
$1.50 /box
Medium Box 12x12x12 inches$2.50 /box
Large Box 20x20x20 inches$5.00 /box
Custom Box QUOTE
Dunnage (Packing Materials) FREE

Storage Comparison

Standard and Oversize: All Year as low as $0.23 cu/ft

1 Whole Pallet of Widgets

(48x40x72) 80 cubic feet : $21/month to $42/month

In + Out Fee: $10.00/pallet (If using storage only, one time fee per pallet)

Product Segregation $38.50 /hr (min 1 hr)
Additional Pallets $10.00 /ea
Palletizing, pallet fee and shrink wrap $20.00 /plt
Custom Job – Additional Work $38.50 /hr

Standard Size:

January – September $0.64 /cu ft
October – December $2.35 / cu ft

1 Whole Pallet of Widgets (48x40x72) 80 cubic feet : $51.20 /month to $188/month

In + Out Fee $10.00 /pallet (If using storage only, one time fee per pallet)

Product Segregation $38.50 /hr (min 1 hr)
Additional Pallets $10.00 /ea
Shrink Wrap $3.00 /plt
Custom Job – Additional Work $38.50 /hr

Merchant Fulfillment

Direct order fulfillment for Amazon, your website,
or many other platforms.


Pick and Pack1.35This is the base charge, per unique order.
Per Unit Pick Fee0.40This is the per unit pick cost.
Generating shipping label (domestic)2.50This is the per unit. Domestic shipping only
Generating shipping label (international)7.50This is the per unit. international shipping only
ShippingCOSTSmall Parcel (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL), or FTL/LTL.
ReboxingQuoteWe offer numerous box sizes, and will quote a competitive rate.
Dunnage (Packing Materials)FREEAll packing materials will be provided. Any promotional material, warranty, or product info.
Marketing Inserts0.10


Experienced Full Time Staff

99.9% Pick Accuracy


Discounted Shipping Rates from Retail Prices

Special Fulfillment Needs

Additional Services

Container Unloading

Let us unload those shipping containers for you, our experienced staff can unload containers quickly and with care.


We can provide professional, studio photography, on white backgrounds that meets all of Amazon’s requirements.

Have Unique Needs? Custom Work?
Special Projects?

Contact us and we can find a solution to any issue, big or small. Use our extensive fulfillment knowledge to help you solve issues.