1. This checklist must be completed daily and retained for documentation for at least one year.

    2. If the forklift is found to be unsafe, the condition must be reported immediately to the supervisor and repaired

    3. No forklift shall be operated with a leak in the fuel system.

    4. All corrections are expected to be completed in a timely manner.

    If there is any problem please leave a note at the bottom along with a photo its much more helpful

    Forklift ID: Inspector Name:
    1. Forks, backrest OKRepair
    2. Mast, chain, hydraulic lines OKRepair
    3. Tires, Axles OKRepair
    4. Overhead Guard OKRepair
    5. Fuel tank & connections OKRepair
    6. Engine Oil Level OKRepair
    7. Fork Extension OKRepair
    8. Carriagel OKRepair
    9. Leaks under Fork Lift OKRepair
    10. Seat and Seat Belts OKRepair
    11. Horn and/or Backup alarm OKRepair
    12. Lights OKRepair
    13. Gauges and Instruments OKRepair
    14. All brakes OKRepair
    15. Hydraulic Controls & Lift OKRepair
    16. Steering OKRepair
    Notes Images