Worldcraft Logistics LLC specializes in providing transportation, warehousing and distribution services to both international and domestic clients. We have an international network of partners and agents in more than 35 countries, making us a truly global player.  As a partner and agent of major shipping lines worldwide, we can handle our clients’ cargo anywhere in the world with discount pricing and timely delivery.  We offer a “You say it, we do it”, experience.  No cargo is too small and no project is too big.  Our staff are highly trained and qualified professionals, committed to developing long term relationships and satisfying our clients’ particular needs.  Give our company a try and you will see the difference.


A complete logistics and transportation solutions for your business – from your suppliers to your buyers.

Our company offers a complete solution end-to-end to each one of our clients.  We understand that no company operate the same so we never treat two clients the same.  We have continue to grow year-after-year because the way we work with each one of our clients.  Logistics is not just transportation of goods but a logistics cost that add up to 60% value to a product.  Our goal is to run our clients logistics smoothly so they can focus on growing their business. From small package to Amazon.com: Fulfillment by Amazon to moving project cargo, if there is cargo to move, we will move it.


Confused about logistics?  Have questions about logistics?  Give us a call and you will experience the different between us and other logistics providers.  Our team will be happy to answer your questions and offer to best solution to your needs.  From trade term with your seller or buyer to detail on how to move your cargo from point A to Z.  We understand that logistics is not easy but we are here to make it easy for you.


Safety has been a number one priority at Worldcraft Logistics. Employing highly skilled and certified transportation experts, we make it our responsibility to ensure every precaution and proper care is taken throughout the transportation process. We perform safety assessments, improve protocol and recognize and correct potential hazards. Approved has the capacity and resources to offer safe freight forwarding and logistics solutions you can depend on.

When your company allow us to handle your cargo, you can trust us that your cargo will be safe.  Trust us that your company information will be protected.  Trust us that we will do our very best.

There is no leading company in the logistics industry because one cannot be leading when each clients are different.  We believe that being a leading logistics company is by molding our company to each individual company.  Being a leader and being a leading logistics company is leading the frontier in our clients’ logistics needs.

Our company used World Craft Logistics to expand our business in Japan and Canada. They were very helpful and took super good care of us with out any issues. We highly recommend World Craft's services.
Dain Alexander
Dain Alexander
Nijikawa Koi / General Manager


To provide top quality services that: CLIENTS recommend to family and friends, SUPPLIERS prefer for their clients, PURCHASERS select for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and EVERYONE respects and trusts.


Look to the future: IMPROVE with every new shipment, UNDERSTAND better with every new communication, and INVEST into the future technologies to low transportation cost.


testimonials2Jimmy Nguyen Tran

General Manager

Jimmy is passionate about the things he does and he loves logistics.  if you have a chance to talk to him about planning your logistics, you will see the different in services that he provides compare to the competitors.  He treats all his clients like his friends and he will always make sure you get more information than what you need.  He was once pro strategies gamer but now turns into a global logistics specialize.  In his own words, “logistics is a joke compare to playing video games”.


With head offices in Los Angeles, CA, we have a strong global network that stretches across seven continents, and with our clients support, we have continuous to grow and improvement years after years.

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Your global shipping partner from door to door.

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We are one the of the best service provider in the industry.